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White House

  Christmas Tree
  DAR Hall
  Lafayette Park
  St. John's
  Visitor Center


Buildings Near White House

When you visit the White House, you will see other large buildings nearby. Except for museums and DAR Constitution Hall, you can only enter these buildings by appointment.

Commerce (Department of Commerce)
  Address: 1401 Constitution Ave, NW
               Washington, DC 20230

DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  Address: 1776 D St, NW
               Washington, DC 20006
  Concert Hall: The DAR has a popular concert hall
  Museum: The DAR has a free museum

EOB (Eisenhower Executive Office Building)
  Address: 17th St and Pennsylvania Ave, NW
               Washington, DC 20001

OAS (Organization of American States)
  Address: 201 18th St, NW
               Washington, DC 20006
  Museum: The OAS has a free art museum

Red Cross (American Red Cross)
  Address: 2025 E St, NW
               Washington, DC 20006

Treasury (Department of the Treasury)
  Address: 1500 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
               Washington, DC 20220