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Washington Monument Picture

Washington Monument Picture

Picture shows Washington Monument with American flags circling it.

National Park Service is modernizing the elevator to increase long term reliability and safety. It will be closed until 2019.

Alone among Founders of the United States, George Washington earned title "Father of his Country" in recognition of his leadership in the cause of American independence.

Appointed commander of Continental Army in 1775, he molded a fighting force that won independence.

In 1787 as President of the Constitutional Convention, he helped guide the deliberations to form a government that has lasted for more than 200 years. Two years later he was elected first President of United States.

Washington Monument facts:

  • Cornerstone laid: July 4, 1848
  • Capstone set: December 6, 1884
  • Dedicated: February 21, 1885
  • Officially opened to the public: October 9, 1888
  • Designed by Robert Mills
  • Total height of monument: 555 feet, 5 1/8 inches
  • Height from lobby to observation level: 500 feet
    or 50 stories
  • Width at base of monument: 55 feet 1 1/2 inches
  • Width at top of shaft: 34 feet 5 inches
  • Thickness of monument walls at base: 15 feet
  • Total number of blocks in monument: 36,491
  • Elevator trip: 60 seconds each way
  • Number of steps in stairwell: 896