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When to Visit

Most people visit Washington DC during summer. This is a great idea.

However, try to visit during early June when average high is 82° with 18 percent chance of hot day - over 90°.

By late July Washington DC gets hot and humid. Average high hits 88° with 39 percent chance of hot day.

Our favorite time of the year in Washington DC is mid September to mid October. Day time highs usually are in 70° - 80° range with few hot or cold days.

Spring is nice in Washington DC, but there is normally more rain and cooler weather.

You can visit Washington DC in winter, but frankly days are cold and often cloudy. However, in winter museums are not crowded.

To learn about tourist attractlions in DC like Lincoln Memorial, see links at bottom of page.


Rush Hour Blues

When visiting Washington DC, you need to consider rush hour.

Washington DC has one of worst rush hours in the country. Between 7 to 9 AM and 4 to 6 PM it's a long commute by car or Metro subway into city.

Easy, but expensive, solution is get a hotel within walking distance of National Mall. Besides avoiding rush hour, Washington DC hotel room allows you to take mid-day break in your room.

If you stay in suburbs, wait to 9:30 AM to travel to Washington DC. Traffic is better and Metro has lower fares from 9:30 AM to 3 PM and 7 PM to closing.

Before returning to suburbs have dinner in downtown DC and leave after 7 PM.